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Datum 24.09.2014
Vložil Miklós

Ahoj milá Irena
Přeji příjemný krásný den! Miklós

Datum 05.09.2014
Vložil Grace

A warm and affectionate greeting
from your friend Grace^-^

Datum 26.08.2014
Vložil Grace

Hello Irena! I'm sorry for my absence, due to many commitments,
I hope to return soon. A big hug and thank you for visiting. Greetings by Grazia from Italy.

Datum 23.06.2014
Vložil aronka

krásný nový týden Irenko

Datum 17.06.2014
Vložil Grace

Dearest friend Irena, of mine in a few days, I will leave for the holidays, but at the same time I go to visit my parents which is already a year since I see them.
For me it is a great emotion. I hope to find that they are well.
I embrace you and heart with so much affection for visits with friends and loved ones and I send warm greetings.
I will write upon my return after July 20.
Hugs and Kisses Grace.


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